A Stable Place

Here at The Rock Place, we are driven by a single goal; to CONNECT, ENGAGE, and IMPACT those who enter our community by helping them build their life foundations on Christ. We believe in "result based living" through the teachings of Jesus Christ. At the Rock Place, every service is an experience with the Holy Spirit, so join us for a refreshing time in God’s presence.

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Our Mission 

To Do Good

As Christ went about doing

good, healing the sick and raising

the dead, while preaching the gospel.


To Be Rich In Good Works

Excellence and not mediocre

service to God and humanity.

Whatever we do must be

commendable and of a great reporåt.


To Be Liberal and Generous of Heart

putting others first, preferring

others before ourselves, meeting

needs of the poor and hungry,

always willing to ask,” How can I serve?”


Ready to Communicate

Effectively communicating our

faith and professing our love for

Jesus Christ to this generation.

Our Vision 

Building life foundation on Christ.


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